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  • Any23 v0.4.0 Released

    By micmos with no comments.

    Dear All, the Sindice FBK team is proud to announce the Any23 0.4.0 release. In this new release we paid particular attention in data validation and correction, in  particular  we can claim  to extract the  Open Graph Protocol[1]  metadata also whether affected by syntactical errors[2]. We’ve also added full support for the N-Quads[3] format. As […]

  • Any23 v0.3.0 Released

    By micmos with no comments.

    Dear All, we’re pleased to announce the Any23 0.3.0 release. Please keep in mind this is a beta, so everybody using Any23 in a development session is invited to migrate to this latest version and report in our issue tracker [1] any eventual bug. As usual we have a live demo running at [2], please feel […]

  • Any23 v0.2 Released

    By micmos with no comments.

    We are proud to announce a new release of Any23 - Anything to Triples Any23 is a Java library that parses RDF from a variety of Web document formats. The currently supported input formats are RDFa, RDF/XML, Turtle, N3, N-Triples, and a number of Microformats. Any23 is an Open Source project originated from the code created within […]

  • Sindice downtime notice

    By robert with no comments.

    We’re talking about downtime again on the Sindice project but this time it’s not due to climate change or some other unforeseen event. Our datacentre cooling system is getting a major upgrade. Unfortunately, due to the scale of this upgrade (the existing cooling system which takes up a significant area of the datacentre needs to […]

  • Sindice outage

    By robert with no comments.

    Since I started worked in DERI in January of this year, one of my jobs has been to improve the Sindice infrastructure to make it more robust and fault-tolerant. The Sindice infrastructure consists of a total of 15 servers (including two small hadoop clusters). We’ve taken various actions to improve availability including adopting a basic […]

  • New: Inspector, Full Cache API - all with Online Data Reasoning

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 1 comment.

    We’re happy to release today 2 distinct yet interplaying features in Sindice: The Sindice Inspector and the Sindice Cache API (both including Sindice’s Online Data Reasoning). A) Sindice Inspector - Takes anything with structured data on (RDF, RDFa, Microformats), and provides several handy ways: in a “Sigma” based view a novel card/frame based view a […]

  • Position opening: Senior Engineer at

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    The Sindice Team at has now an opening for a senior software engineer to work on the infrastructure (and other related projects and others of the Data Intensive Infrastructures research group). Working location is Galway, Ireland. We require strong java development skills, proven experience with enterprise development practices and frameworks, great flexibility, […]

  • - Live views on the Web of Data

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 8 comments.

    Today we release, Hurray \o/ ! is a pretty advanced application implemented on top of Sindice which gives a very visual and interactive access to the “Web of Data” as a whole.  Best thing to do, really, is watch the screencast. Bear the first 60 seconds where I introduce the Web of Data, […]

  • Bring on them pings!

    By robert with 1 comment.

    In standard web search, we seldom need to obtain as results pages that were published just a few minutes ago. This is very different for semantic index that want to help you build applications that respond to “information out there”, possibly as quickly as possible. A way to make this happen is to efficiently process […]

  • New Cluster and Sindice downtime (2 June )

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    We’re getting today a new mighty UPS to support our refurbished-but-still-cool 40 machines/80TB map reduce cluster for large dataset processing. The cluster is based on hardware coming from a decommissioned ICHEC cluster  (thanks again guys). For purely numerical computations, as they were previously used, these machines are not considered cost effective anymore. For IO Bound […]

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