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  • Sindice: Developer and Cluster Infrastructure Responsable needed

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    To further develop Sindice and for a new project for large scale analysis of Web Data, the data intensive infrastructure group ad DERI (yes us) has currently opening for 2 positions: Scientific Developer. We’re looking for a highly skilled and motivated individual to help us develop research demonstrators and prototypes.  We require advanced and proven […]

  • Sindice Beta 1 index

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    The Sindice Beta 1 index is now online. Apart from the exciting geek wizardries (e.g. the crawling, the reasoning and the indexing are now all performed in pipelined Hadoop jobs), there are plenty of interesting new feature to play with: Much improved support for free text queries. Great improvements in the ranking of the results […]

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