New Cluster and Sindice downtime (2 June)

We’re getting today a new mighty UPS to support our refurbished-but-still-cool 40 machines/80TB map reduce cluster for large dataset processing. The cluster is based on hardware coming from a decommissioned ICHEC cluster  (thanks again guys).

For purely numerical computations, as they were previously used, these machines are not considered cost effective anymore. For IO Bound scenarios, however, they have still a lot to give.  So we fit them with plenty of new HDs and we look forward to scale up our current operations and try entirely new things as well.

Unfortunately, as a result of this new installation, the DERI data center will be shut down for a few hours which includes the 10 or so current Sindice servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the late notification. Thanks in advance to Michele and Stephen who’ll be taking care of this tonight.

Will post pictures and some stats once its all in place :-)

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