Farewell to Giovanni and Renaud

It is with sadness that the Sindice team here at Insight say goodbye to two of the original founders of Sindice.com,  Dr. Giovanni Tummarello and Dr. Renaud Delbru.  Renauld and Giovanni are with the project since it’s inception and have been crucial for Sindice to become a showcase for what is possible using semantic web technologies tying in and connecting with many other researchers in DERI and later in Insight.

Giovanni and Renaud were leading members of the Sindice team from the original Sindice paper, to a platform that could ingest 100 million documents a day. Along the way they have collaborated with other DERIans such as Eyal Oren, Richard Cyganiak (and many others) on Sindice.com, spinning-off a top level Apache project, a popular Lucene/Solr plugin and a number of very successful papers.

Giovanni and Renaud are now moving towards commercialisation, hoping to repeat their many successes at DERI/Insight/NUIG in Industry. They will be focusing their energy full time with the startup SindiceTech, which has licensed some of DERI’s technologies from NUI Galway.

For Sindice.com this is the closing of one chapter and the starting of a new one.  We are busy preparing a new look for the website to showcase recent and ongoing Sindice/Insight research, and we are moving the sindice.com newsgroup to the simpler.

So we say goodbye to Giovanni and Renaud, who will stay in Galway with SindiceTech and we wish them good luck and every success with their new venture from all the team here at Insight and at NUI Galway. We hope we will have the opportunity to work with Giovanni and Renaud via SindiceTech in the future.

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