Any23 v0.3.0 Released

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Dear All,

we’re pleased to announce the Any23 0.3.0 release.

Please keep in mind this is a beta, so everybody using Any23 in a development
session is invited to migrate to this latest version and report in our issue tracker [1]
any eventual bug.

As usual we have a live demo running at [2], please feel free to try it.

We’re planning the Milestone 0.4, so if you are waiting for the fix of a
particular issue please verify that it is open, and eventually add a comment to ask more priority.

To end, below you’ll find an extract of the 0.3.0 release note [3]:

  1. Added detection and enrichment of nested microformats. [Issue #61]
  2. Added detection and support of N-Quads as input and output format. [Issue #7]
  3. General Improvements in RDFa extraction. [Issue #12, Issue #14]
  4. Added support of Turtle embedded in HTML script tag. [Issue #62]
  5. Improvement in encoding support. [Issue #43]
  6. Improvement in Core API. [Issue #27]
  7. Improved support for Species Microformat. [Issue #63]

Thanks for supporting our work.

The Any23 Developers Team


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