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  • Sindice reindexed: find your datasets (much faster)

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    Having streamlined several procedures inside Sindice, rebuilding the sindice index from scratch now takes just a few hours. Over the weekend, we built a new Sindice index based on the latest updates of Siren and improvements to the pipelines. This is now in production and sports the following enhancements: Ranking no more big docs first […]

  • Sindice now supports Efficient Data discovery and Sync

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 1 comment.

    So far semantic web search engines and semantic aggregation services have been inserting datasets by hand or have been based on “random walk” like crawls with no data completeness or freshness guarantees. After quite some work, we are happy to announce that Sindice is now supporting effective large scale data acquisition with *efficient syncing* capabilities based on […]

  • Sindice planned downtime this weekend

    By robert with no comments.

    Hi. Due to an expansion of one of our datacentres (and the electrical work that this implies), Sindice and related services such as will be down from 1730 GMT+1, 11-Jun (Friday) to 1730 GMT+1, 12-Jun (Saturday). This major upgrade will give us increased room to grow the Sindice infrastructure over time. On 27-May we […]

  • Sindice downtime notice

    By robert with no comments.

    We’re talking about downtime again on the Sindice project but this time it’s not due to climate change or some other unforeseen event. Our datacentre cooling system is getting a major upgrade. Unfortunately, due to the scale of this upgrade (the existing cooling system which takes up a significant area of the datacentre needs to […]

  • - Live views on the Web of Data

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 8 comments.

    Today we release, Hurray \o/ ! is a pretty advanced application implemented on top of Sindice which gives a very visual and interactive access to the “Web of Data” as a whole.  Best thing to do, really, is watch the screencast. Bear the first 60 seconds where I introduce the Web of Data, […]

  • Sindice Awarded by Saltlux and ESTC

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    We’re happy to report that Sindice and the Sindice Team have been awarded recently in two separate occasions. Sindice was awarded 1st prize at the European Semantic Web Techology Conference , Business Idea Contest ( ) unfortunately it is not reported on the homepage just yet, but you can find a nice account here. […]

  • Sindice @ 20+ Millions and Openings

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 6 comments.

    Works on Sindice are proceeding at full speed and so is the indexing of the Semantic Web. Sindice now indexes over 20+ millions Semantic Web documents (21,5 m as i type) and will index your submitted RDFs in usually less than 30 minutes. This great result is entirely due to the dedication of the Sindice […]

  • Sindice Beta 0: Say Hello to (most of) the Semantic Web

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 1 comment.

    We are extremely proud to announce today the first beta version of Sindice, a Semantic Web Search Engine centered on indexing and ranking online RDF data sources. Sindice is focused on scalability: most of the Semantic Web, to the best of our knowledge, is already indexed (currently 11M documents). Sindice includes big datasets like DBLP […]

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