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  • Sindice downtime, new staff and a cool use case

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 2 comments.

    Dear all, apologies for the downtime this past 2 days. Basically 2 AC went down in the DERI data-center which caused excessive moisture which caused the UPS to blow smoke (a UPS way to say “go on without me”), which brought the data-center down. Systems are now restored and we’re back in operations. In an [...]

  • Sindice Awarded by Saltlux and ESTC

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    We’re happy to report that Sindice and the Sindice Team have been awarded recently in two separate occasions. Sindice was awarded 1st prize at the European Semantic Web Techology Conference , Business Idea Contest ( ) unfortunately it is not reported on the homepage just yet, but you can find a nice account here. [...]

  • An Exciting Hard Hat area

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    As you might have noticed by the look of the site we’re now in a very exciting transition phase.  Here is a short summary of the main news with more posts about the details of it to follow in the next days: The new look: its for developers! Now we finally don’t look like Google [...]

  • Sindice in use

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 3 comments.

    Sindice is really meant to be used by your project, and for us it could’t be any nicer than seeing this happening more and more . Thanks to Sergio Fernández, the SWAML project (which converts mailing list archives to RDF using SIOC and friends) now uses Sindice to find the URIs for email authors, using [...]

  • Sindice Search in your Web Browser

    By Giovanni Tummarello with no comments.

    We received a couple of requests for this so here it is: an OpenSearch plugin is now available for Sindice. To start using the plugin, you can either install it directly in your browser or download the plugin xml file and install it manually. As a result, you’ll be able to use Sindice Search (text [...]

  • Weblog launched

    By Giovanni Tummarello with 1 comment.

    We’re happy to announce the launch of this official Sindice weblog. We’ll be updating this space regularly with information about Sindice, our goals, our status, and our progress in indexing Semantic Web resources. Stay tuned…

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