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Sindice is really meant to be used by your project, and for us it could’t be any nicer than seeing this happening more and more :-) .

Thanks to Sergio Fernández, the SWAML project (which converts mailing list archives to RDF using SIOC and friends) now uses Sindice to find the URIs for email authors, using our IFP lookup on their email addresses.Also, Alexandre Passant developed a Drupal plugin that uses Sindice to find an appropriate URIs for each of your post tags.

To interact with Sindice, there is now a small Python library, and even a Sindice module for SWI Prolog.More developers-related information can now be found in our, including the new RPC ping API.

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  1. Comment by John Breslin  

    Cool userbase!

  2. Comment by Peter  

    If Semantic Web is an effort to make machine-understandable stuff, why you are building a UI for that? Can machines see the UI of Sindice? Meanwhile, Sindice UI is a good copy-paste of Google main UI. Moreover, why do you mention that 20 million RDF is indexed? MOre than 99% of the Web is not RDF. i.e. you are missing a lot in your search results.

  3. Comment by Giovanni Tummarello  

    Hi Peter,

    you have a point, the current interface looks like Google, but thats meant to change in days, the new interface is on now and is developer oriented. The key points here are APIs, examples and developer supports trough our forums. Some UI will stay but thta’s meant as a debugging and or exploration interface to try the queries and take a look at the results.

    About 99% of the web not being rdf .. true.. the new index however (watch it grow in size online starting next week) will index and provide services on not only the 1% that is (Actually less) but the larger and larger portion which contains microformats (we’re now in the hundreds of millions of pages).

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