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As you might have noticed by the look of the site we’re now in a very exciting transition phase.  Here is a short summary of the main news with more posts about the details of it to follow in the next days:

The new look: its for developers!

Now we finally don’t look like Google anymore :-) .  We’re working on making Sindice a great place for developers to go, discover and experiments with querying the web of data.

We perfectly know how noisy and creatively complex the Web of Data can be and that’s why we’ve prepared a cosy Web of Data forum where to ask questions and exchange tips.

But what data is out there? See it all in the Web Data Map.  (Alpha!! :-) ).  Watch it as we update it nightly with new datasources pinged or picked up by the crawlers. Soon to come, the map will also be providing example s of interesting queries that spawn across datasets and entity types.

Once you know what you’re looking for, then use our new query language to find the Semantic Sources you need.

STATUS: Less than beta. :-)   but isn’t this exciting? so keep your hard hat on and thanks for bearing with both the issues (report!) and with our hearty enthusiasm is seeing the next generation of the Web coming to life.

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