Sindice Awarded by Saltlux and ESTC

We’re happy to report that Sindice and the Sindice Team have been awarded recently in two separate occasions.

Sindice was awarded 1st prize at the European Semantic Web The first prize trophy at the European Semantic Technology conference Business Idea competitionTechology Conference ,

Business Idea Contest ( ) unfortunately it is not reported on the homepage just yet, but you can find a nice account here.
Stefan Decker presented on behalf of the team and apparently the pitch was very well received in fact.  He receved the prize itself during the ESTC gala dinner.

In a somehow related news, a  few weeks earlier, “ A
Documented-oriented Lookup Index for Open Linked Data” , by E. Oren, R. Delbru, M. Catasta, R. Cyganiak, H. Stenzhorn and G. Tummarello recevied the Saltlux prize for the best DERI paper.

As a team, we wish to thank all for such recognitions.

As it should be clear by now, the Semantic Web is all but an easy thing to get started.

We at Sindice have taken our own route and decided to invest a lot of time in getting a quality infrastructure up for everybody’s use. In an academic setting, this is a somehow bold choice. As we know Academia is mostly based on publications and therefore actual infrastructures (That cost a LOT of time, sweats and have much more uncertainty associated than, say, a conference submission) are generally speaking an investment that few do.

It is therefore particularly nice, and useful in fact, to receive these recognitions. They do and will help us continue our commitment toward a more and more useful Web of Data.

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