Sindice Beta 0: Say Hello to (most of) the Semantic Web

We are extremely proud to announce today the first beta version of Sindice, a Semantic Web Search Engine centered on indexing and ranking online RDF data sources.

Sindice is focused on scalability: most of the Semantic Web, to the best of our knowledge, is already indexed (currently 11M documents). Sindice includes big datasets like DBLP in RDF, DBPedia, Geonames, Uniprot, plenty of FOAF and more.

Lots of data to index?

Sindice manages big datasets the smart way. You can easily create a Sitemap using the Semantic Sitemap Extension [1] which Sindice then accepts to process huge databases quickly and without overloading your server.

Data changes frequently?

Sindice is live! Ping us and see your Semantic Web source indexed within 15 minutes.

Ontology Import and Reasoning at Web Scale!

Sindice does Web scale, online reasoning: for each source, it will recursively resolve, compose and reason on top of all the related ontologies. Because of this we can accurately index things like document labels, Inverse Functional Properties and others independently for each RDF file published on the Semantic Web.


* As an application developer, you can use our scalable API to serendipitously find data on the Semantic Web: find sources and automatically ping us with your data to make sure that it is found by others!

* As a Semantic Web user, it is already pretty useful to find appropriate URIs around. Please read well: no excuses now for minting yet more URIs for SW people:)

Credits:The results are achieved thanks to the ideas and dedication of the Sindice Beta 0 team Eyal Oren, Renaud Delbru, Michele Catasta and Giovanni Tummarello.

Sindice is made possible thanks to the investment from the DERI Galway, supported by the Science Foundation Ireland (

Sindice is available at


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  1. Comment by Michael Hausenblas  

    Great job people!

    Two quick comments:

    1. When will there be support for RDFa (ah, yes, the syntax *is* pretty stable now, so you may want to use it - try Ivan’s great reference implementation at (see for others).

    2. How about the semantic sitemap stuff? Had a chat with Giovanni recently about it and would be happy to contribute (regarding wrappers?) Mentioned some mailing list but dunno which one …

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