Sindice planned downtime this weekend

Hi. Due to an expansion of one of our datacentres (and the electrical work that this implies), Sindice and related services such as will be down from 1730 GMT+1, 11-Jun (Friday) to 1730 GMT+1, 12-Jun (Saturday). This major upgrade will give us increased room to grow the Sindice infrastructure over time. On 27-May we hit a major milestone in Sindice of having indexed 100 million documents (over 6.5 billion triples) from the semantic web. At current rates of data acquisition, we expect to hit the 200 million document mark before Christmas - so we’ll need that extra room!

If you have any further queries on this downtime, please leave a comment or contact us via the Sindice Developers group.

Update: Thanks to the efforts of NUIG’s ISS team is back online ahead of schedule. All services (including should now be operational).

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