AJAX Search Widget

Do you have a web application which requires an RDF file as input? This widget will make your users happy.

With a single line of JS, Sindice RDF Source search capabilities will be available in a popup window in your web application. When the user points one of the RDFs from the search results list, its URL is automatically transfered into a field in your application. Try it now.

Widget Deployment

The widget is written in JavaScript. To place the Sindice search button on your website that pops the search window follow code in example html page.

In order to enable the functionality of transferring the RDF URL address from Sindice Search window into your application, you should provide a destination HTML element with id sindiceSearchResult.

RDF file location: <input type="text" id="sindiceSearchResult" size="45" value="">

Note that the content of the same input box will be used to seed the initial Sindice search when the pop up is invoked.   

If you would like to further customize the widget's behavior there are 3 optional parameters: search type(keyword only, uri only or both were user can choose search type by tabs), window x and y position within the web browser frame.


  • searchType indicates the search types available from the widget:
    • 'keywordSearch' - keyword search
    • 'uriSearch' - URI search
    • 'all' - both search types available for the user. Can be switched useing tabs in the widget window.
  • positionTop y coord of the window
  • positionLeft x coord of the window

Custom styles

By default the widget window has a style similar to Sindice.com. However this can be easily changed through CSS in order to visually fit better in your application. The window itself is created using the  PrototypeJavascript library so there are several styles available on internet to use or modify.