Third Party Libraries

Libraries for accessing Sindice from your own application

Java library - simple library made by Milan Stankovic
Pyhton library - simple library made by Sergio Fernández
SWI-Prolog module - simple library made by Yves Raimond

Who's using us? 

MOAT (Meaning of a Tag) module for Drupal

The MOAT module for the Drupal content management system allows authors to associate items from the Semantic Web with their tags. The module uses the Sindice widget to pick the best item from the Web. Made by Alexandre Passant.

SWAML, an RDFizer for mailing list archives

SWAML converts mailing list archives to RDF using the SIOC ontology. SWAML uses Sindice to find the URIs for email authors, using our IFP lookup on their email addresses, thanks to Sergio Fernández.

IRS, a collaborative semantic linkbase for the Web of Data

IRS is a collaborative collection of semantic links. Anyone can link anything to anything! In addition to an item's user-generated links, IRS also shows related documents from Sindice. Made by Michael Hausenblas.