The Web Data Inspector (BETA)

The Web Data Inspector is a tool to Visualize and Validate the structured data content available at a given web location (URL). The Web Data Inspector can be used to visualize and validate:

  • RDF files
  • HTML pages embedding microformats
  • XHTML pages embedding RDFa

The Web Data Inspector works as a chain of extraction, validation and processing elements that create a final tabbed report. The services provided are:


  • Rich triple visualization -- see the content as sortable RDF triples
  • SVG-based zoomable graph visualization
  • Frame based visualization
  • "" based visualization -- a human friendly view of the main "topic"

Inspection and Validation Services:

  • RDF Syntax Validation -- based on the same engine hosted by the W3C
  • RDFa Validator
  • Pedantic Validation Service: performs reasoning and checks for common errors as observed in RDF data found on the web
  • Ontology services: upon request, the inspector will perform Linked Data based ontology reasoning: ontologies are recursively fetched and used to compute the inference closure of the statements in the original data files. Inferred triples are visualized in a different color for the above visualizers
  • Ontology explorer: the chain of imports between ontologies can be explored in an interactive tree view

The following diagram illustrates the execution flow of the inspector, given the options available, the different kind of input data, and the possible error conditions.

web data inspector validation flow picture

The Web Data Inspector is a Sindice service (link to the about page).

Reports, questions and suggestions can be sent to the Sindice support group.